The secret of making a blog: how to make blogs

Now a days people are trying to be a successful blogger but many of them don’t know how to make blogs.   If you can not make blogs, making a blog, where to make a blog it will be big shame for a blogger so that you need to know how to make blogs.

Let’s take a big deep discussion about how to make blogs:

where to make a blog:

where to make a blog

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At first you need to select a blogging platform to making a blog. Do you know which blogging platform is good?

i think ‘no’. No problem i will give you the full idea about making a blog. please check my blog site. i make my blog site within a day. It is not very hard and after when i need to update it i done it and always trying to add a new features. So taking the point where to make a blog?

People all over the world know that WordPress is the best blogging CMS. If you want to create a proper professional looking blog without any coding knowledge it is the best solution. make your blog in easy method. It is best and easy so now i will not discuss about any other platform. If you try there you can do how to make blogs. So Now we are selected the where to make a blog and it’s CMS. Now we will discuss about making a blog.

Making a blog:

Making a blog


Now you need to select a proper theme for your site. If you searched on Google you will find many sites who are providing free and premium WordPress theme. If you interested to buy premium theme it will help to making a blog, give a premium look and may help you make your blog professional. But free themes is not bad. Now i want to give a notice that many sites are giving free pirated / hacked / nulled themes. Do not use any of those theme. I am telling you again do not use any of those themes because it can destroy your whole blogging career and making a blog dream. They have viruses, many hacking codes and the creator of theme can stop your access anytime. So it’s the bad way for theme choose and How To Make Blogs plan can be destroy or damage.

After choosing proper theme you need to edit it with all of your site’s information. Then create some article on your blog. it is the main thing on How To Make Blogs. Now take a look and think you are a visitor. Now ask myself that How looking this blogs? how useful this blog?

If you get positive result then you think making a blog is going to be successful. But if you get negative result then you need make some changes on your blog. You need to solve all the negative things on your blog. If you can do them properly i think you can properly make blogs.

Now you got a lot of idea about how to make blogs and best method for making a blog. Now you can try to build a lot of blogs. But my idea is don’t do that. Because professional bloggers have a blog and they haven’t a lot of time to spend on write blogs and make blogs. So you must have to the character of professional blogger.

I think i can successfully gave the idea for how To Make Blogs. Now you can easily enjoy making a blog.How To Make Blogs idea is the proved method so you haven’t failed there.

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