How To Start A blog For Free


How To Start A blog For Free

How To Start A blog For Free – starting a blog for free is not an easy work. blogging is not an easy way to become celebrity or good earner if you don’t do it properly. Everybody can not start blogging and blogging is not for everybody. If you think you can be a blogger it may be difficult for you.

What’s need to be blogger?

To be a blogger you must need some things. Those are:

1. Motivation: You must need motivation. motivation can help you to make you a big career. A good motivation can help you to reach on your goal.

2. Patient: Always try to be patient because blogging is not an easy way patient can help you to face all the problems and challenges.

3. Writing habit: If you have all the requirements but you haven’t writing habits. I think you can not do blogging because it is the main thing of blogging. A good writing habit can attract more visitors and fan  for you.

4. positive and fresh mind: positive and fresh mind can help you to find out many Ideas and can improve your thinking like a blogger. So it is also very important to get ideas for writing.

If you have those I think you can start a blog.

 How To Start A blog For Free:

now you can follow two popular blogging platforms for full tutorial of How To Start A blog For Free. Those are:

Blogger: It is a product of Google. You can open your blog here for free and it is very popular.  just click here and visit their site. Now You need to log in here with your Google account and choose to create a blog and choice domain. Now design you blog and do it with your mind. You got a blog which is www. now you can check it by using this link. World’s most popular bloggers using this platform. You can also use it for your blog.

How To Start A blog For Free

WordPress: Yes, It is world’s no 1 blogging platform and you can use it freely and also using hosting. But it is not totally free we know that blogger is totally free. Here your storage is limited. But it is better than blogger. You can get a lot o things for your blog and you can customize it highly than any other blogging platform. It’s awesome. if you use it than you can understand. Now got to there main website by clicking here. Now create an account and create your blog imputing your available domain. You can also use your custom domain. On this site you will find all about it.  We have also a tutorial about it just search on there and i think you will get the answer.


if you follow those things i think you can start a blog for free and you can easily make it awesome. now you got all the idea for How To Start A blog For Free. Happy blogging Man!