SEO Optimized Content Creating Master Tutorial

SEO Optimized Content Creating Master Tutorial will help you to create great content. Without following some important rules it will be very hard to get good positions in search engine. But if you follow some rules it will help you to get good position, rank and huge amount of visitors. This secret is also a part of on page search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO Optimized Content Creating Master Tutorial:

Seo Optimized Content Creating

How Important is SEO Optimized Content Creating Master Tutorial?

SEO Optimized Content Creating Master Tutorial is important for ranking your website and getting a huge amount of visitors from search engine. So If you want to become a popular blogger please follow SEO Optimized Content Creating Master Tutorial.

How To Get SEO Optimized Content Creating Master Tutorial?

Let’s discuss about SEO Optimized Content Creating master tutorial step by step:

1. Select Best Keyword

Best keyword selecting is very important for SEO Optimized Content Create. You need to use some tools for best keyword research. I think best keyword research too is Google AdWords: Keyword Planner.Here you can get best keyword suggestion, traffic details and many more.  There are more good keyword research tools check it below:

I think those are good keyword research tools. You will find many keyword research tools using search engines.

How To Select best Keyword?

Step 1: First select your topic keyword.

Step 2: Search on your favorite keyword suggestion tool.

Step 3: You will get the best keyword suggestions.

Step 4: Now select it from there which is better (You think)

Now i think you selected best keyword for your content. You have to basic knowledge about it otherwise you can not write the article.

SEO Optimized Content Creating Master Tutorial

2. Write The Article

Write the article following some steps.

Title Optimize

Please put your keyword into the title. If It is at the beginning will be very good. Your title must be between 5-70 words because Google does not like long titles. Not only Google all search engines hates long title. So you must follow this step for optimizing title.

Put Keywords In Article Body

You can use the main keywords in body several time. But you have to think that keyword density must be in 1.80% – 2.50%. It is the best keyword density for search engine bots. Please put your keywords on the first and last 50-100 words.

Use bold And Italic

You must use bold and italic in keywords. It will help search engines to think main words and important thinks. So they will understand what type of content it is. So please use them.

Use Keyword As H1, H2, H3 Tags

Your keyword must be in those tags because it will help your content finding category on search engines.

Content Length

Your content length must be 500 words minimum. Now a days it is become very hard to get visitors from search engine for small content. Minimum 500 is good for content.

Use Images and optimize images

Using images in article is very important. An unique image can help you to get visitors. But you also need to think this image can not be too big size. So that visitors can be bored. Select image title as content title and fill up ALT Tag information on image. It is the step for image optimization.

Internal Linking And External Linking

Internal Linking And External Linking is very important. But it is optional. If you use it you can get visitors for another content. For internal linking you can anchor a text with your another content Link but it needs to be relevant.  You can also follow this step as External Linking. You need to always think about No-follow and do-follow. Please select it with best.

Meta Keywords And Description

You need to add your main keywords as meta keywords and also add a small description about your content in 156 chars. You can use main keywords several times in meta description.

Input Keywords In URL

Please input keywords in URL. It will be very helpful to find your content. But your URL must be in 10 words and use (-) tag in between every words. Do not use stop words in your link. Recently search engine starts hating them. Do you know what is Stop words? How, When, In, a, an, the etc are stop words. There are more stop words. Please read the article about stop words by clicking here.

3. Before publish

Before Content publishing you need to do some more works. Please check is your content readable? You can read your content as a reader not writer.  If you think it is great you can publish it or not please solve the problems you got.

Now you got SEO Optimized Content Creating Master Tutorial and we hope you will maintain this tutorial. For getting more tutorial please always visit our site and getting update on social network please like our Facebook fan page. If you think this content is important for your friends, family and others please use our share buttons. Thanks for staying with

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