Sell your Car to Cashyourcaruae; the leading Buyer of Used Cars



Are you in looking for the leading company that can buy your used car at a reasonable price? Search no more as Cashyourcaruae has come to your aid. We are the leading company in UAE that is offering reliable services when it comes to buying used cars. Our company was found way back in 2001 to help individuals who want to sell their cars at better prices. We offer fair deals to our clients, and we have the best customers service. The following are important things that make us the largest buyers of automobiles in UAE;


Offer free car valuation services


When you need to sell your car, you need to get the valuation right. Therefore, cashyourcaruae has come with experts who have vast experience in the used car market as well as advanced technology to give you the honest value of your car. Our main aim is to provide you with the best value of the car depending on the basic information of the car such as model, the year as well as mileage covered. We have come with a free car valuation calculator that enables you to see the value of the car. Our car valuation calculator comes with advanced technology that processes the basic information of the vehicle to provide the price range of the vehicle.The price ranges are always higher than what local buyers offer.

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High volume Buyer of used cars


Cashyourcaruae has come to help individuals save time when they need to sell used cars. We have simplified that for you as you don’t have to cancel the important appointment to meet potential buyers. You just need to use service at no cost, and we will conveniently buy your car. When we say we buy all used cars, we mean it. We know selling your used car can be a hassle, but we guarantee you that with us expect no disappointments.


We offer best deals for used cars


In used car market, prices vary depending on the model, year, condition as well as the reason that makes one sell the car. Many buyers will want to take advantage of the situation to benefit at sellers’ expense. Therefore, we have come with fair deals that will enable you to sell your car at a good price. On top of that after inspecting your car, we pay you within 30 minutes in cash or any other mode of payment you may prefer. We are transparent in our service delivery, and many clients are pleased by our unmatched services when it comes to buying used cars.




If you want to sell your car and receive cash in just 30 minutes, contact cashyourcaruae. You only need to use their car valuation calculator and then book an appointment. During the appointment, you just need to come with important documents of the vehicle as well as yours. The company will send an expert who inspects the car and then gives the best price that no one can resist. After agreeing on the price, you will receive the amount in cash in just less than 30 minutes.