For ranking what kind of backlinks are very important blog comments or Forum posting?

On our site we are every time sharing many SEO solution. Now a time it is become very hard to say what Google want is. But if you think in fresh mind you can also understand the solution.

Now a time people are doing spam for getting a lot of backlinks and rank up there sites. But do you know what Google want is?

If any person get the answer of this question he will not do any spam and not to be mad for backlinks.

Why is backlinks Important?

Backlinks is important for ranking up your site. Google and many other search engines give a good look on your site. Not only good rank on search engines but also you will get quality visitors and they want your site. A good and qualityful backlink is called visitor machine. So I think you understood why backlinks is important.

For ranking what kind of backlinks are very important blog comments or Forum posting?


If you want to rank up your site you need qualityful backlinks. Blog comments or forum post is not the matter for getting rank up and visitors. Some years ago quantity was important but now a time quantity is not important now it goes to quality. A quality backlink is better that some quantity backlinks.


If you can make some good quality blog comments it will be good no need thousands of backlinks. Do you know how to create quality backlinks? You can follow our tutorial for Quality Backlinks Create By Blog Comments Full Complete Tutorial. But if you don’t want to create some quality blog comments please create some forum post backlinks. It is also good. But you must need to maintain quality.


If you properly maintain quality it will help you to rank up and grow up. Creating thousands of blog comments and forum post will lose your time. It will not work if you don’t have quality.


How to create quality backlinks?

It is not a hard task. You just need to modify your backlinks creating system. Please follow:

  • Every time you need to maintain relevancy. You need to create backlinks on your keywords relevant site.
  • Then you need to check your targeted site where you want to create backlinks that how popular and important is this site for visitors. Is this a quality site? I you can ask those question to you then you can get then answer. You can also check targeted site PR and ranks. So you will get all about them.
  • Do not spam anywhere. If we spam on your site would you like it? I hope the answer will be’ no’. So why you will do spam on others site?
  • No need to create a lot of backlinks daily 3-4 Backlinks is enough for your site.


If you can maintains this tips I think you can easily make quality backlinks.

Today you got the full answer about the question and I hope now you can follow the answer.

If you have any question please feel free to ask me on comments.

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