Quality Backlinks Create By Blog Comments Full Complete Tutorial

Now a days for getting good rank on search engines you must essential backlinks create by blog comments. But it’s not an easy work. After day by day it’s getting very hard. Every website publishers don’t want to make spam on his website. So those people who are can not do the proper process of backlinks creating got removed or spammed. So it is very essential to know proper backlinks creating way.

Quality Backlinks Create By Blog Comments Full Complete Tutorial

Why backlinks creating become very hard?

If you want to get the answer of this question we must need to go past. On the past we can easily build up backlinks. But some people were done very badly and done it with spam and site administrators needs to remove it. Now this cause is become very big so that many site’s administrators doesn’t accept link on comments.

So what’s can We do now for Quality Backlinks Create By Blog Comments?

Now we need to follow a proper and selective best way to create backlinks and we have no need to do spam. If we create a lot of backlinks Google will also ban us.So You must need to maintain a good way for 2014 backlinks creating tutorial. let’s discuss the tutorial:

Quality Backlinks Create By Blog Comments

Find out some relevant sites:  Now a time relevant backlinks is very important without relevant your backlinks will be invaluable.  So you must need to find out niche websites for your site. If you want to do it you can visit search engines and put your site keyword on search box. Then you will find some related websites with your keyword. So finding relevant sites is not very hard work.

Check the site’s Authority or PR: You got a lot of relevant sites. now you need to check those sites authority or PR because quality backlinks can help you more than 10 simple backlinks. If this site is qualityful then you can put them on your backlinks creating site chart.


Now create blog comments: now you got the list of sites for creating blog comments backlinks. Visit one of those site and find out a similar content / article / post and read it carefully now you can put your important comments there. If you think on this article something very important missing you can put your link on comments to read this for getting the missing information. You also can make a conversion with others who made comments there but better is to make comments targeting administrators or post author.  Some websites accept website link of commentators. So you can put your site link on this box. It will also work like a quality and proper backlinks.

So it is best way to Quality Backlinks Create By Blog Comments. I think this tutorial may help you. Now you can follow some additional tips:

How To Find Quality High Page Rank Sites For Creating Backlinks?

step1: You can click on this link for finding proper sites creating backlinks.

Step 2: Now you can Fill up the box with your keyword.

Step 3: After that you can select the option for which kind of sites are you want.

Step 4: After that please click on search button.

How To Find Quality High Page Rank Sites For Creating Backlinks

Now you can easily find out best sites for you.

Some Mistakes While Creating Blog Comments and it’s solution:

Some Mistakes While Creating Blog Comments

  • Daily Make comments on a lot of site. Then Google think it is spam. So you must need to make some 4-5 qualityful backlinks daily.
  • For getting rank needs million of backlinks. no it is no need if you can create a qualityful high PR backlinks than it is like simple 10 backlinks.
  • Posting a text on several site. It is also spam. Any site can easily understand that it is spam.
  • Do not create text as good post, nice post, OK etc. because Google is not fool.
  • Always try to keep keywords on comment. But average people make the mistake.
  • make comments using multiple languages is not a good decision. So everyone must need to avoid it.

Many others mistakes do many people. There is no end of mistakes. So you will try to avoid those common mistakes.


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