Programming Languages what is it and how works?

People use many words for expressing their behaviors. But programming languages have only two words 1s and 0s. Here”1s” meaning is ON. On the other hand “0s” meaning is OFF. But it is the question to that entire how programming languages works.

Programming Languages what is it and how works

What is Programming Languages?


The computer users do not have any idea about programming languages. There is a question to them, Programming language is one kind of formal formula by which you can control and communicate with the machine. It is the main way to express your algorithms. The operators cannot use computer by their own language. Computer does not understand any language except its own programming languages. In this sense, we may say that computer has own language. Computer understands its own programming commands. So, it can be said that easily without programming languages, computer is dead. In short, we can say that software is compiled by programming languages. Software is used to control the attitude of the machine. And finally, communicating with the machine by the instructor to do the works. Programming languages make easier using computer.


How Programming Languages Works?


Most of the users do not have how programming language works. Programming languages work with the specific methods. It has some own methods. A programmer uses some platforms for compiling language code. You can use two systems these are


1. Compiled language and 2. Interpreted language

Compiled language is the easiest language for compiling the programming languages code. Compiled language will translate your code by special programs to unable files of binary. After generating your binary, you do not need to look the source code. Then you are able to run directly. I suggest you to use compiled language for running successfully.

Interpreted language is another system to solve how programming languages work questions. You can use interpreted language to compile your code. This system works with interpreter programs. At first this language read your source code. And then it translates files by the system calls along with computations. But the inconvenient of the interpreted language is very slow. It completes the process slowly. So, compiled language can be used easily.

A compiler is used to convert from programming code to own machine language. Compiler will run written code script into visual basic programs. We shall be able to see the output of your functions. By seeing our output functions, we will take proper action for removing the programming bugs and errors. And programmers use many testing for the programs so that this machine language works without any problems. After running, we can understand how programming languages work.

Now we may say that programming languages are very necessary. You should learn the proper systems to run your programs successfully. Without programming language, the changing world is dead. So, programming languages are mandatory for the modern world. Now a day, a programmer need not type machine language any more. Programming language provide a package to make a program easily.