How to increase Alexa ranking quickly for free in 7 days

Now we will share how to increase Alexa ranking quickly for free in 7 days. This tutorial is for all website administrators and owners. Do you know what is alexa and alexa ranking what does it mean?

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Your site’s Alexa ranking keep and important rule on SEO, getting advertiser, making an important website and many more. Now a time the old tips for Alexa quickly ranking is not working. So we are ready to share a new tutorial for Alexa ranking quickly for free in 7 days.


Write About Alexa On Your Site: Alexa like those sites whose are promoting them. But they are not taking the facility free, they also help you to get good rank on their system. If you write a post about Alexa the will get in touch with it and if someone visits that post you will get an important visitor for Alexa ranking.


Download Toolbar Alexa: It is the old tips to use Alexa toolbar. But it is now working so that you must need to install Alexa toolbar. If any Alexa toolbar user visits on you site it the most quality visitor for Alexa ranking. If your site got 10 visitors who haven’t toolbar is like a visitor who have Alexa toolbar.


Ask For Reviews: We all know that Alexa allows site review. If your site has a lot of positive reviews that it will also help you to get a lot of visitors and ranking on Alexa. For doing this you can call your friend or someone you know to give a review about your site or you can post on your site to write a review about your site.


Site Submission: Submit your site to a lot of directory. It will not only help you to get ranked on Alexa but also to get good performance on SEO (search engine optimization). It will help you to keep track links and Google love it. If you can do on same as your niche it will be more valuable.


Use Alexa Widgets: Please place an Alexa widget on your blog. It will help Alexa to rank good and getting trusted from visitors. You can put it on your sidebar or footer to looking good.

Get more traffic: As much traffic you will get as more you can ranked good. So it is the main destination for your site to getting visitors. It will help to do automatically work.


Blog Comments: Please put comments on many blogs on same niche. It will help you to get quality backlinks. Many links also help to get good ranked. Alexa is also count links so that you must need backlinks.


Social Networking: Please share your articles on social network. Now a time search engine likes to rank posts from search engine not only search engine Alexa is also counting them. So you can share your blog posts on a lot of social network.


Quality Content: We all know that content is the king. So if you want to make your site a king you must need to post quality content. As much you can write quality content as more you will get ranked and attract more visitors so that your Alexa rank will be good.


If you can maintain them I think you can easily increase Alexa ranking quickly for free in 7 days.


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