Increase Alexa Rank

There you will find all about Alexa Rank. A full description about Alexa and some tips to get ranked will be given below.

If you interested to increase Alexa rank you first need to know about Alexa.

What is Alexa?

What Does It Mean?

How It Work?

Importance of Alexa Ranking.

Do you know about those topics?

If you don’t know please read our article.

Try: Alexa Rank What Does It Mean?

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Now i think you have basic idea about Alexa.

Now you need to submit your site on Alexa. If you don’t know please follow:

Step 1: Go to Alexa and complete your sign up.

Step 2: Now submit your site and claim it.

Now you can use Alexa rank.

Now we have also knowledge about how to submit site on Alexa.


Now your site will be tracked by Alexa and if your sites got a raise of visitors then increase Alexa rank.

Do you know how to increase Alexa rank?

If you don’t know ‘no problem’. I will share all the methods of Alexa ranking.

You can increase Alexa rank in two ways. Those are:

  • White hat way.
  • Black hat way.

White hat way: It is called the real way for increase Alexa ranking. No spamming on this way. This method is not easy to increase Alexa rank. You must need to work hard to get ranked and you need a lot of real visitors. So How will increase your Alexa rank for free in 7 Days?

Try: How to increase Alexa ranking quickly for free in 7 days

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Black hat way: It is the black method. It can be called spamming but you can increase 5x then white hat way. If you want to learn how to rank up Alexa rank in bulk you can read your article.

Try: How To Increase Alexa Rank In Bulk Method

After reading this article you can continue…


After reading the article in attention now you can use the method of increase Alexa rank. I will recommend you to use white hat method because you will get many more facility after using this. Now i will share an untold secret about Alexa.


An untold secret about Alexa rank up:


If you have a blog and you have content there about Alexa or you may write articles about Alexa then this tip is for you. In a article about Alexa you can add your site Alexa ranking details or you can internal link your site’s Alexa ranking link. example: For checking my site Alexa ranking you can try: All kind of tutorial on Alexa.

If you follow this tip i think you can easily get more reputation for your blog / site. I think it will be not a bad idea for also ranking.


If you read my increase Alexa rank tutorial completely i think now it will be easy for you. Now you can easily share this increase Alexa rank tutorial with your friends or freelancer circles. If you got helpful information from this tutorial and want to get more tutorial you can subscribe us:

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