How To Increase Alexa Rank In Bulk Method

How To Increase Alexa Rank in Bulk Method is todays tutorial. If you don’t know about alexa?

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I want to say that increasing Alexa rank in bulk method is not good. Please do not use bulk method on your site. You will get ranked but it has no value. So for gaining knowledge I am sharing the tutorial. But it will help to get ranked good quickly. So let’s know How to Increase Alexa Rank in Bulk Method:


  • First tips is that you can manage 15-20 persons who have installed Alexa toolbar on their browser and they will visit your site several time in a day. If they can do it regularly then your rank will be good. As more person you can add on your team as more ranking facility you will get.
  • Second tips is traffic exchange. You can use a lot of traffic exchange websites to get a lot of visitors and it will also help you to get good ranked on Alexa. It is depending on yours how many time you are investing for traffic exchange.
  • A working tool is now online. It’s called Alexa Boost Up. You can use them to get good ranked. But at first you need to join on their site then you must need to have Alexa toolbar on your browser. After verify you can collect some points / coins to get exchange view of those users who have toolbar. It’s a huge site to exchange and you will find a lot of site to exchange and gaining coin / points.


If you follow those methods I think you will get a huge amount of visitors who has Alexa tutorial and easily can get good rank. But you must need to do it regularly and need to increase the work after day by day. Because you are not getting any visitors without this work. If you never done it regularly you will not gain rank. So you must need to maintain this rule.


If you need to get good ranked in several day, you need to use those 3 methods together and I think it will work. But for keeping your rank stay you must need to do it regularly and also need to invest a lot of time. So why we will use the bulk methods for Alexa ranking? I think there are no cause to show for using bulk methods. You can read our tutorial for white hat methods.
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I think you can understand the tutorial about How to Increase Alexa Rank in Bulk Method.


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