How to write blogs

Guys, today we will know about how to write blogs. Many people think that writing a blog is an easy work but not at all. Now a time on if you have good writing technique then you can be a popular blogger and have a big change to get huge amount of traffic from search engines.


Writing blog is very important for a blogger and its need to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized. We posted an article about SEO optimized content creating master tutorial on my blog. You need to read the article to progress on this article.

I think now you have basic knowledge about how to write a blog. It will help you to get visitors from search engine and also help you to maintain quality.

Now you can follow our tutorial for how to write blogs:


First step is you must need to focus on keywords otherwise your write blogs has no value. Every time a focus keyword helps people to find it.

Then you need to give useful information on your blogs otherwise visitors can not enjoy your writing blog. Do not tell about illegal things and bad review about visitors so that they will not come again to read your blog.

You must need to be keep patience on writing blog. It can help you to find mistakes and for getting a lot of idea.

Write like friendly is also important. You need to write as a user friendly. Then user will enjoy your writing freely and can discuss anything about your writing. It is very important and has a big changes to get comments and shares.

Do not write wrong things, false and do not provide wrong information that can takes visitors believe about you. It helps a visitor to think you are a bad writer and all of your writing is wrong.

What are you think on your writing can make a reader boring? Hmm, after writing a blog you need to read it and also need to think you are a reader after that if you get a positive result then you can continue otherwise you need to solve all the mistakes on write a blog.

On writing a blog you can provide some information about you and can give some example with you then it can make a visitor curious to know more about you and it’s the secret for newbie to be a professional blogger and every best bloggers become popular by following this.


If you follow all of my tips I think you can completely learn how to write blogs. You must need to focus them but not on an article, must all of your article. Every professional bloggers are always doing this so why you can’t do this. Let’s make a try and describe the result with me. I think it is not a bad idea at all.

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