how to choose domain name for blog

how to choose domain name for blog

For building a great website you need to choose domain name for blog. So you need to maintain some rules. It is not an easy work to get a good domain domain. Let’s discuss how to get a good domain name:


  • At first I think you need to fix what kind of blog you want to build.
  • Now you can guess some domain name as your blog category. It can be anything just and example: I want to create a tutorials blog so I need to guess some domains like etc.
  • Now check the domain available in your favorite domain registrar.
  • If it is available you can buy it but not… Don’t worry. change the domain extension If you want. example: is not available so i want to check If it is available, you can choose it. So you can do it.
  • If you don’t want to change domain extension just add some word to anyplace of your favorite domain. It can work.
  • You can find suggested domain in many domain registrar websites. just search your favorite domain. If it is not available you will get some suggested domains. You can buy from there. As this you can check your domain available and some suggested domains at
  • You can contact with domain owner and offer him to sell this domain. This method can also work.

I think if you follow any tips from there you can choose and buy a good domain name for your blog.